Fund It Fridays – Orion Trail by Schell Games

One of my fondest childhood memories will always be that one day a week where my class would go into the computer lab and get to play learning games. You may share my enthusiasm for the classics such as Math and Spelling Blaster, The Incredible Machine, and of course, The Oregon Trail. If memories are not enough (and let’s be honest, when it comes to nostalgia, they never are),  you will be glad to know that Schell Games has got your back with it’s upcoming title Orion Trail.

As you may guess, based on it’s name, Orion Trail will take after the game that taught us about food management and dysentery, but this time, we’re looking to the stars. Instead of heading west in the carriages of the 1800’s, players will take command of the Invincible II, one of the flagships of the Galaxy Force, as you head out into the vastness of space.

You’ll get to choose your own crew from an assortment of quirky characters, and if you kickstart this bad boy with enough dough, you’ll even be able to play yourself as the captain or  fight yourself as the villain, while donning your very own crew t-shirt. This kickstarting campaign has some of the coolest incentives I’ve seen, including the ability to create your own encounter in game (if you’ve got the spare money laying around that is, as it will cost you $1000).

So I may have got your attention with Oregon Trail in space with quirky characters. But if you were waiting for cherry on top, I’ll refer you to the games art styyyyyyyyyle. (Please read that as it is written, thank you). I’ll let you come to your own conclusions based on the screenshots and kickstarter video below, but one thing is for sure, I can’t wait to see more of what these guys can do. There has been a lot of pixel games lately, but few of them have made me just sit and watch the animations for minutes on end. I actually caught myself laughing at times, which I rarely do in video games anymore.

I’ve played the demo a couple of times now, and still find myself chuckling at the insane situations that this valiant crew get themselves into. You can try the demo for yourself here. Schell games is promising over 50 encounters, with a stretch goal of 100 or more if they reach $140k, which I certainly hope they get.

Speaking of goals, the team is asking for $92,000, and is a bit more than halfway as I’m writing this. They have about 6 days left. So break out that wallet and go pledge. For more information on Schell Games, visit their website.

If all goes well, we should see this game in early access this August via Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Be sure to pledge at least $10 to get your steam key!